Question by  Oktober (35)

What are the pros and cons of enamel paint vs semi-gloss?

I am trying to decide which one to use.


Answer by  Olddog (85)

Cons of Enamel:the surface you are painting needs to be flawless and clean up is with chemicals. Pros of Enamel:durability and easy to clean. Pros of Semi-Gloss:less likely to show surface flaws, durability and easy clean up easily. Cons of Semi-Gloss:it may not last as long in high traffic areas.


Answer by  basil (311)

Semi-gloss paint has a durable, slightly glossy finish that makes it easy to clean. It's great for trim and molding. Flat enamel has a matte finish that while still durable, is not quite as easy to clean. It makes a beautiful finish for walls that won't see a lot of abuse.


Answer by  thamizhan (14)

semigloss paint is easy to wipe clean. on doors,trims,cabinets,kithchens,bathrooms,etc. make final brush strokes away from the light source in the room. it is easily cleaned and lays down a nice subtle and also different from matte paint.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

The main pro of semi gloss vs enamel paint is the durability of semi gloss. It cleans up easily and is pretty durable. A con of semi gloss is that it is a glossy paint so you have to have a shine that you don't have with enamel.

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