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Question by  robbinhoopes (19)

What tips can you give me for painting over marine varnish paint?

I need to paint over marine varnish paint.


Answer by  Ross (19)

Foremost and of prime importance is to prepare the surface. Select a paint that will holdup UNDERWATER. If in doubt, paint a small stick, allow to dry and submerge it in water for a few days. Examine it for absorption, beading and softness. If its acceptable, and your surface is prepared correctly, paint.


Answer by  tpsldiver (17)

Sand the original varnish. Once you have the original coat off, wipe it down and clean it. Use marine primer as your base coat. Do not use a brush, use a high quality roller or foam brush. Once your primer is dry use a marine top coat.


Answer by  mrjm (41)

Painting over marine varnish can be done by completely sanding the surface with fine grit sandpaper, rubbing it down with mineral spirits and/or paint thinner found at any hardware store. You can then apply a paint of your choice over the completely sanded and cleaned surface.

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