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Question by  Radmul (19)

What should I know about an incisional hernia?


Answer by  JoeyT (78)

Dad had to have the surgery and it wasn't awful bad. They used the laparoscopic method so he only had some small incisions and a general surgeon did the work. The spot in his muscle where the hernia happened was sutured shut and he's doing really good now.

Reply by SookiesHere (119):
If the area is too large to be sutured surgeons will install a mesh. If the patient has a previous history of rejecting surgical implants they will not do this.  add a comment

Answer by  GrandmereC (145)

Incisional hernias do occur when the muscles of the stomach weaken and allow the tissues of the abdomen to push through the muscle. Prior incisions in the area from previous abdominal surgeries is considered a major cause of this type of hernia. This type of hernia is typically very small.


Answer by  MaximillianG (116)

Well you should know that this type of hernia doesn't always require surgery. Surgery is an option not a necessity though it could change in the future. Treatment may start out by wearing a truss which is similar to a weight belt or a girdle. Discuss with your doctor.

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