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Question by  brutalpanda (64)

Is it safe to do push-ups when you have a hiatal hernia?

I like doing push-ups and I have a hiatal hernia.


Answer by  jmr (40)

A hiatal hernia is an opening in the diapraghm where the esophagus meets the stomach. Push ups are safe, but I would recommend not doing the push ups with a full stomach. Doing push ups on a 5 degree incline may also help with comfort level. Discontinue any excercise if you experience discomfort or pain.


Answer by  MAHE (28)

It is not advisable to practise push-ups while having hiatal hernia. Any simple exercise which does not involve abdominal straining can be a best alternative. The cardio type stuffs are recommended.


Answer by  gold (93)

Although exercise will not make your hiatal hernia worse, it can cause unwanted symptoms. Whenever you exert abdominal pressure you run the risk of reflux. The only way to stop the occurrence of reflux is to avoid exercise that increases abdominal pressure.


Answer by  sgriffrd (45)

Do not do push-ups for at least 2 hours after eating. Eating a low fat diet can help the hiatal hernia.

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