Question by  echomom (33)

What should I drink before singing to help relax my throat?


Answer by  ElvisSampson (10)

I personally use honey, mildly mixed with warm water. A warm coffee also helps most times. If you have a sore throat, try cardamom. It soothes a sore throat. Even a warm salt water gargle helps if your throat is set.


Answer by  John (9008)

The best thing for your throat is water. Warm water is a bit better for relaxation, but make sure that it is not too hot.


Answer by  brendalea2121 (206)

The only thing you should drink before singing is water. Anything else might get stuck in your throat and make you not sing your best. For example, don't drink soda. It makes your mouth and throat kind of sticky. You should only drink water.


Answer by  pifmgr (15)

The best and efective way to relax your throat before singing is to eat one or more non cooked egg.

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