Question by  bullseye (30)

Should I be concerned about throat clearing in kids?

My son is always clearing his throat, is this a concern?


Answer by  pink6677 (35)

Clearing ones throat on a regular basis could be a form of habit or a prelude to something really serious. Parents should be alert and vigilant by observing these symptons and make a determination if medical attention is necessary. Some of these symptons can be inflamation of the throat or tonsils. Parents should always be concerned.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Yes you should. While he may not be sick, throat clearing is very bad for your vocal cords. It makes than bang together, swell, and get sore. You need to break him of this habit to save his voice.


Answer by  enexel (43)

Clearing of throats of children should be a major concern of every parent. It is because if the throat is not functioning well, there is a tendency to that said child will lose his appetite. According to pediatricians, a child who have experienced at least three times a year of throat problems may lead to heart problem.

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