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Question by  adub (15)

What does it mean if I have chronic strep throat?

I have a strep throat about 75% of the time.


Answer by  DrMom (854)

Question: Are you taking all your meds when you have it? If so, then you probably need to see an EENT specialist. Tonsilectomy may be necessary if you have them.


Answer by  leon11416 (35)

Strep throat more than 75% time might mean that it is not strep throat. It is highly possible that you have a virus. Strep throat is caused by bacteria and usually comes with fever and enlarged nodes at the neck. A sore throat caused by a virus usually comes with a much less fever and not many other visible symptoms.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Unless you had a strep test, it is uncertain whether or not you have strep throat. If you actually always have strep throat and are not responding to the medicine that the doctor gives you, very serious medical complications can arise. It means that you should see a doctor asap.


Answer by  KMcRae (714)

If you have recurrent strep throat infections you may need your tonsils removed. Your tonsils could be made up of some dead tissue which is breeding strep infection.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

This means that you probably need to go ahead and get your tonsils taken out. If this was done you wouldnt have this issue anymore.

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