Question by  Sreethin (11)

What should I do if my Isuzu Rodeo battery and brake lights are on?


Answer by  69nova (389)

First and most important will be your brake light. Assuming you meant the brake light on the dash(warning light) check ur brake fluid level. As for battery have alternator tested.


Answer by  carguy22 (73)

This is usually a sign that the battery is on its way out, there is enough juice to turn on the lights but not start. Test the battery.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well first find out why they are on. The brake light indicates the the handbrake is stuck on where as the battery indicates a charging or battery problem.


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

You need to first take it to an authorized repair shop and have the brakes checked. If they are worn then have them replaced. Then replace you battery.


Answer by  main84 (45)

that is either a bad battery or your alternator is bad start it and pull hot wire off battery if it dies replace alternator

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