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Question by  Kaleigh (20)

How do you go about bleeding coolant system in a Chevy Lumina?

I need to bleed my coolant system and have no idea how to do it.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

The best way to ensure the is no air in the system is to take off your radiator cap and let the car idle. Let the car heat up, this could take ten minutes or so. as the water begins to flow as the thermostat opens add your water cool mixture. Keep adding until you cant add anymore.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well, if you want to bleed the system you have to increase the temperatures to the point where all the air comes out.


Answer by  soccer593 (476)

First find the bleeding screw. Find a clear hose that will fit the bleeding screw and a container to keep the liquid that comes out. The engine needs to run at normal operating temperatures and let the coolant drain until there are no bubbles coming from the hose.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

All you have to do is run your engine without the radiator cap on. Wait until it stops bubbling adding coolant as needed. Repeat until no air comes out.


Answer by  princess88 (166)

Jack up the front of the car, fill the radiator, run engine until it is at the normal temperature. Let it sit overnight, refill the next morning.

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