Question by  Vigil (34)

What should I do if I play soccer and no one on my team likes me?

Should I join another team?


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

What would you do in any situation where you found yourself disliked? If it happens at work, then its more difficult to walk away, but it is your choice whether to persevere or not in a casual sport. Are you really sure that you are reading your team mates correctly, and not just being over anxious?


Answer by  Mario87 (23)

I should ask myself if it is anything wrong with me or my behaviour. Than, if I think that everything is ok, I should start to search a new team.


Answer by  hansbudimanyahoocom (6)

i'll ask them,why they dont likes me? and ask them,what must i do to make they likes me. If i love the club,nomatter what happens i'll stay and prove how i love the clubs.

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