Question by  shirlzie (40)

What are the five top soccer teams in the world?

I'm interested in the teams that are consistently on top.


Answer by  Tomjk3920 (35)

Although debatable, the current top five teams in the world would have to include from the following: FC Barcelona (Spain), Chelsea FC (England), Manchester United (England), Real Madrid (Spain), and Inter Milan (Italy). The last Champions League winner was FC Barcelona, who defeated Manchester United to claim the most prestigious club title.


Answer by  Felix20 (26)

The five best soccer teams are Manchester United, as they have dominated the English Premier League for almost two decades, Real Madrid as they have some of the best and most recognisable players in the world, Barcelona who are the current European Champions, Inter Milan who are Italy's current champions and Chelsea who are one of Europes best teams


Answer by  Da810 (27)

The top 2 leagues right now are the Spanish Primera Division and the English Premier League. The top teams from Spain are the current UEFA Champions League title holder Barcelona and Real Madrid. The English Premier League has a current top 3 of Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal.


Answer by  billyaetos (29)

barcelona,a team which last year took everything and is always in everything,brazil that plays the best soccer always and has a lot of great players,manchester united is also a top team,real madrit is always a huge name with all the galactikos and milan also a great team.a bit unfair to many teams that are also great

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