Question by  GoblinsLot (48)

What should I do if I have had two years of treatments at the chiropractor for neck and shoulder pain and it has not helped?


Answer by  Gertrude (107)

There are three things you might want to try. Consider choosing a different chiropractor who may have a different method/technique, include yoga in your routine to both strengthen and relax muscles that could be involved with the pain, or seek the advice of a specialist in a different field.


Answer by  Javaholic (227)

After two years of treatments and the chiropractor has not helped. Go see a doctor to take an x-ray of the area. The doctor might assist in seeing if your problem has gotten any better or worse without the treatment. Next try instead some simple light stretchs and maybe massage for the area proned to tension.


Answer by  dileigh (22)

If you have a chronic condition, chiropractic will not cure the condition, just give you short term relief. A second opinion from a neurologist or other specialst may help.


Answer by  worker2075 (15)

You need to visit an orthopedic doctor to solve your shoulder and neck pain. A chiropractor can help, but for proper treatement and pain management you need an orthopedic doctor.


Answer by  mb (5482)

You will need to see an actual orthopedic doctor. Your injury may not be something a chiropractor can fix and you may need surgery.


Answer by  TiffanyVilla (23)

Talk to your current chiropractor about your concerns. You may want to make an appt. with your general doctor as there may be other physical issues causing your pain. Try making changes to your sleep habits; find a good pillow that provides neck support to assist you in maintaining proper head, neck and spinal alignment.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

Talk to your doctor or see if you can find a new doctor. There is a new kind of chiropractic treatment called active release which you might want to try to see if that is any more helpful.


Answer by  RAH (22)

Like most things in life we choose, from a dentist to our hairdresser. We choose them because they give us a level of service we expect of them. And if they don't live up to our expectations, then we choose someone else. Its just the same with your chiropractor, if they can't deliver that service, then move.


Answer by  babylove (655)

If none of the treatments have helped you after two years then you probably have a problem you need to go to a specialist for. Maybe you should go to the hospital, you might possibly need surgery. If not they will probably be able to perscribe you pain medication and muscle relaxers to help subdude the pain.

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