Question by  LisaMe (2)

I've had back pain under my right shoulder blade for 7 months. What could it be if all tests (MRI, CT, X-rays) came back negative?

I saw a chiropractor for 3 months. I did physical therapy for 3 more months. I have practiced yoga and other exercises weekly for years. This pain is worst when sitting. I work on a computer for a living but have ample back support and good posture. Please help!! All out of ideas.


Answer by  snappies (579)

Could it be a muscle knot? My husband gets a pain where you are describing but his muscles get knotted up so much that they are very hard. Have you tried a massage?

Reply by LisaMe (2):
Yes. I tried massage therapy 1-2x/week coupled with physical therapy for 3 months straight. It felt great, but did not improve my back.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
I had a stabbing sensation at my shoulder blade in the middle of my back and found out it was caused by acid reflux  add a comment
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