Question by  rmahoney1097 (98)

What could cause skeletal pain in the back and shoulder?

I am having skeletal back and shoulder pain.


Answer by  just1 (131)

Pain in these areas could be caused from injury, strain or lethargy involving the use of the shoulder. Disease such as heart, liver and gallbladder can cause pain in the back/shoulder area.


Answer by  maber (1427)

It sounds like you may have either dislocated something or you may have a small hairline fracture in your back. You should see a doctor for an xray as soon as possible.


Answer by  April (296)

In the back shoulder, it would seem as if you are having skeletal pain but it is most likely related to the muscles. The nerve endings in the central of the body are less specific than they are in your outer extremities. The pain is probably related to sprained muscles.


Answer by  edwin33 (88)

skeletal pain in the back and shoulder is mainly caused due to the extreme stress in that area or by the disorders in the skeletal system.The disk fracture in the joint areas also leads to the flammations and injuries may causes pain in the back and shoulder.The larger amount of muscle concentration of shoulder is also a cause for pain


Answer by  montree (354)

Skeletal pain in the back and shoulder comes from certain medical conditions such as Rhuematoid Arthritis, which is the leading cause in the U.S.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Your sleeping habits could be a reason that you are having pain. You may need to get a new pillow for your neck. You may also need to get a new mattress for your back.

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