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Question by  Ali (29)

What should I do if I have a frothy sputum?

The mucus from my lungs has the appearance of being a frothy sputum, what can I do to get it back to normal?


Answer by  crookedneck (33)

Most likely you has bronchitis and you need to see a doctor simple antobiotics will do the trick, and if you smoke, QUIT! and it will go away.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Frothy sputum can be a sign of something quite serious and should be looked at immediately by a medical professional. Although certain minor lung inflammations can cause it as well such as bronchitis, frothy sputum can indicate serious conditions such as heart failure, heart disease, and pulmonary edema. Depending on what causes it, the treatment can be easy or extensive.


Answer by  ranica (184)

frothy sputum can be a symptom of different health condition such as heart disease, pulmonary edema, near drowning or etc. you can't removed this sputum unless the underlying disease is treated. you should consult your physician to see if what he could recommend to you for your health condition because its better to be safe...


Answer by  scyllatwo (226)

Get to a hospital, first of all. This can be a very serious condition. The medical staff at the hospital will be able to remove the sputum from your lungs while at the same time making sure you have the right amount of oxygen.

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