Question by  prabhu (17)

What can I do if my mouse is hanging up at times while I work on my computer?

For the past several days my mouse has been acting up, how can I fix it?


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The rollerball on your mouse may need to be cleaned. Take your mouse and look at the underside. There is probably a way to remove the faceplate so you can get access to the roller ball. Take the ball and clean it thoroughly to remove any dirt particles. Replace the ball and faceplate. The mouse should work.


Answer by  Heloise (397)

The likeliest is it is dirty, or, if it takes a battery, the battery needs replacing. Gently remove any dirt from underneath with a computer-wipe. If it's a ball-type, you should be able to remove the ball & clean it too. Change the battery if it has one.


Answer by  AnyName22 (27)

You can try taking the round back cover off and cleaning the roller ball and inside of ball cavity. Often dust and dirt can get trapped in there and slow down the movement.


Answer by  PhaneendraVvk (12)

There are some Physical and Technical Issues related to this. If you are using ball pointed mouse or any other mouse type clean the dust particles which are stick under mouse. Related to Technical Once check you device or you can get the compatible mouse suitable to your computer.

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