Question by  jltownsend (13)

Should I be concerned about cracking ankles?

When I am walking upstairs or other activities, I can always hear my ankles crack, is this a bad thing?


Answer by  spin (166)

It is not a bad thing. Gas is released within the fluid in joints. The fluid is called synovial fluid, your ankles stretch as you walk, releasing this gas and making the snapping sound. In the same way your knuckles would crack if your pulled your fingers.


Answer by  Shan74 (41)

Most orthopedic specialists will tell you that this is not usually a cause for concern. Unless you experience any unusual pain with the cracking then you should not worry.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

Cracking does not indicate pathology of your joints in mos cases. However, if you are having pain associated with this, it would be worth while getting an xray and seeing your doctor to evaluate for osteoarthritis.


Answer by  Someone83 (166)

Well, not necessarily if you have had it since childhood it is nothing to be concerned about. However, if there is pain involved then seek medical attention.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I do not think that is anything to worry about. A lot of my joints crack when I walk and I have always been told not to worry about it.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

If it's that frequent, it's probably a big problem. You should see an orthopedist. If you let it go for too long, you could end up with arthritis.


Answer by  Allison (187)

If your ankles have always done this, then it is nothing to worry about. Some people have joints that naturally crack frequently and cracking is just a sign of dispelling air from between the bones. If they have just started doing this, it might be a sign of tension.


Answer by  Abbie (282)

I have had this since I was a little girl, and my Doctor has always said that it is nothing to worry about. My husbands knees often crack as well. If you have pain with it, then you should see your Doctor.

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