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Question by  jb78 (40)

What should I do if during a tooth extraction, there is some broken tooth left behind?


Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

Call your dentist immediatly and make an emergency appointment to have the broken tooth fragments removed at no charge to you or your insurance.


Answer by  nerdgirl (78)

You will need to have the piece of broken tooth removed as soon as possible or you may end up with an infection.


Answer by  libby33 (19)

If the Dr. leaves behind fragments of a broken tooth you should go back to the same Dr. who did the extraction and have him evaluate the tooth fragments.


Answer by  candice (17)

To prevent an infection and specifically a very painful abscess, it is necessary to have a dentist remove any remaining broken teeth after a dental surgery.


Answer by  worker55 (14)

If during a tooth extraction there is some broken tooth left (and you don't know what to do about it), you should go back to dental school.

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