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Question by  LisaMc (24)

Will I need tooth extraction if a cavity is not healing?

I have a cavity that is still very sensitive and am worried about having to have the tooth pulled.


Answer by  alokn99 (34)

The Dentist will first give you antibiotics to stop the infection. An x-ray will be taken to determine the extent to which the cavity has formed. Extraction will be required only if the entire tooth is badly affected. Else, after the treatment, the cavity will be cleaned including using a root canal if necessary, followed by filling and capping.


Answer by  worker44 (52)

Generally speaking, a tooth extraction is not the typical first choice when a cavity is sensitive. A root canal is often performed which clears the nerve from the tooth, which is then crowned. As the nerve is removed, the sensitivity is gone, and you are left pain free.


Answer by  bash (1026)

If root of affected tooth is still strong, you can go for a root canal treatment. Firstly your Dentist will take x-ray of affected root and will advice whether it is capable for a Root Canal Treatment. I myself had similar experience and fine now after treatment.


Answer by  vichu (54)

You don't need to extract your tooth because there are various treatments by which you can make your tooth heal.

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