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Question by  joji26 (214)

How long can you wait after a tooth extraction before having it fixed?

I had a tooth extraction and need to have it fixed.


Answer by  stacykylemark (342)

That depends on how you plan on replacing the missing tooth. A removable appliance could be placed immediately. A fixed bridge could be prepped immediately, but you will have shrinkage of the gum tissues at the extraction site and this could effect the way the bridge looks. Dentists have varying opinions on implants. Check with your dentist for his view.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

Once your tooth is out of mouth and the roots are removed there should be no problem. If it's dry socket you're talking about get it fixed right away.


Answer by  cubanchick (188)

To get your tooth extraction fixed, you would to wait an average of two weeks or more before getting it fixed.


Answer by  Yen (320)

It depends on how you plan on restoring the now missing tooth. The best thing to do is talk to your dentist about your options. Then you will know the waiting period needed to fix it depending on the option you choose. Whether it be a bridge, an implant, or a removable appliance.

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