Question by  BillS (50)

What is a good fungicide for St Augustine sod?

I need a safe fungicide for St Augustine sod.


Answer by  chester1 (31)

Any product that contains Daconil will be effective if used according to the directions given. If you would prefer a more natural solution, an application of liquid sulfur would also work. You can often prevent fungus problems in St Augustine by careful fertilization and watering.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

There is a great fungicide that is pretty safe for all grass types called "Merit". It is expensive; $60 for a small bag. However, if you put it down when the weather is warm and dry (not burning hot mid day) and water it in, you should get good control.


Answer by  dennismcelreavycomcastnet (24)

Go to your local lawn and garden supply store and purchase Acephate, mix the appropriate amount of Acephate and water then spray the mixture evenly and thourghly onto your lawn.


Answer by  Teaberry (846)

A good fungicide for St Augustine grass is Banner Maxx. This has been studied from the University of Florida, in how different grasses react to fungicide. St Augustine grass is very delicate in terms of fertilizer and fungicide. It is always wise to consult an expert before use.


Answer by  sweets (47)

the safest fungicide is one you can make in your own kitchen. Add 1 tablespoon each of bakingsoda ,vegetable oil and dishsoap to a gallon of water ,fill into a pump sprayer, shake well before and during application'Spray the solution on lawn.


Answer by  Bryan (77)

Lime is a Good Fungicide to use and not to water your lawn so much , also baby powder will work as well. If that does not work go to Lowes they have a few good Fungicide that will work and hope you fight this problem as well. Also you can try Home Depot

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