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Question by  PhillyFan (86)

Could a brown patch on St Augustine grass be an indication of chinch bugs?

I am afraid I have chinch bugs on my St Augustine grass.


Answer by  ggp (33)

Yes, it could very well be chinch bugs causing your brown patches in your grass. The chinch bug sucks juices out of the grass leaves and at the same time releases toxins which will turn the grass yellowish to brownish in color and then die.


Answer by  Jay32 (13)

It is possible that it could indicate chinch bugs. But unfortunately ST Augustine grass is relatively tempramental. Treat area with a good insecticide that targets chinch bugs. Note the size of the brown patch and see if the area shrinks or spreads. All the while continue normal lawn care. Be careful not to over fertilize.


Answer by  rosslori6 (99)

You may have chinch bugs or a number of other issues. Normally chinch bugs will not cause a large continuous brown patch, but instead, will cause smaller patches if heavily infested. You may have a fungus called take-all-patch.


Answer by  blais (55)

A single brown spot could be as simple as your nieghbors dog doing his business on your lawn. Now if you see a pattern of brown spots beginning to develope then you should be worried. foot traffic, lawnmowers, shade, and water all play a large part also.

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