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Question by  good (14)

What should be done if the tecumesh 13 HP ohv indicates that there is a blown head gasket?

The mechanic said that I had blown my head gasket, what should I do?


Answer by  ross1976 (196)

Pull the head off and you'll be staring straight at the gasket. Replace it. Finished!!


Answer by  busyfingers (239)

Simple - change the head gasket! Make sure you buy one of the same dimension and rating that is compatible with your tecumesh 13 HP and fit it the exact same way. I assume you know where the head gasket is!

Reply by tweety (266):
Er.... just in case you can't find where the head gasket is! Look up the manual and it will have a pic or a schematic diagram. Hope that helps you locate the head gasket.!  add a comment
Reply by cmc94 (302):
Tweety - tecumesh actually has a repair manual for such things. You can get a PDF version of this manual if you dig around the internet and some forums.  add a comment

Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You should remove the head and install a new head gasket. A blown gasket will cause loss of compression and poor running. After installing the new gasket you might want to try increasing the amount of torque on the head bolts to keep it from blowing out again.

Reply by sleepyjey (248):
Does Tecumesh still manufacture engines - they were on the brink of closing, but I lost track! I hope it's easy to get a spare head gasket.  add a comment
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