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Question by  Sasha231 (11)

What could cause an OHV Honda mower to smoke?

I recently did some minor maintenance to my OHV Honda Mower and now it is smoking.


Answer by  star28 (30)

how old is ohv honda mower. did you change the oil to the motor. you have to change oil on regular basis. you have to clean cylinder and motor regularly. it also depends on type of motor. if u are using less hp b&s motor for big lawn and for big grass due to heavy work it releases more smoke to cut


Answer by  TiffanyVilla (23)

There are many possible reasons that this mower could be smoking. You could have bad gas, oil in your muffler, need an oil change, the oil is overly full, gas to air ratio is to rich or a hard job with tall grass and to small of a mower could all cause engine smoking.


Answer by  Mowerman (16)

1) Did you turn the engine on its side? If so you may have gotten oil in your muffler or past your rings. 2) Did you overfill the engine with oil? If so you may be getting blow by on your rings.


Answer by  bgy08 (62)

There are a couple reasons that this engine would smoke. The most likely reason is that the gas to air ratio is to rich. This means that there is too much gas going into the engine, and not enough air for this gas to burn completly. The result of this incomplete combustion is smoke.


Answer by  Doug77 (1433)

Depending on the maintenance performed, replacing the oil with too low of a viscosity would allow oil to get into the combustion chamber (blue smoke). Replacing the spark plug with one that is too "cold" wouldn't burn all of the fuel (black smoke).


Answer by  producttime (183)

Owning a Honda mower, you have tilted the mower on the side of the airbox/filter/carb. Oil has spilled to that side and is creating smoke. You may wish to replace the air-filter or wash it and anti-grease soap and let it dry thoroughly. Replacing the filter solved my smoke problem.


Answer by  Peter1995 (103)

An OHV Honda mower would smoke if there was old oil in it or if the last person who changed the oil did not drain it first. Also, if you have done some matinence, then you might have mixed up the filtration system. I suggest drain the engine of all oil and gas and start it again.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If your mower is starting to smoke it might be starting to go out. If your mower does go out then you will have to buy another one to make it work.

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