Question by  answersuperhero09 (54)

What kinds of internet connections are there?


Answer by  abc25 (196)

For wired internet connections, there cable modem, DSL, and phone dial-up. For wireless connections, you connect to an access point using either of the following standards: 802. 11 a,b,g, or n. For a cell phone, you can use 2. 5g, 3g, or 4g technologies to access the internet.


Answer by  cmaopep (239)

The different types of internet connections include: traditional dial up through a phone line, getting your connection through your cable provider, DSL (though you usually need to live close to the provider). There are also T1 and T3 lines.


Answer by  noghridude (72)

There are several, but with three types being the most common. First, is dialup, which is the slowest. Next is DSL, which is next fastest, and cable, which is fastest.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

There are a number of different types of internet connections available. The oldest is dial up through a phone line. There is also DSL which comes over a phone line as well but it is much faster than older dial up. Now there is also fiber optic which comes from a cable provider and comes over fiber optic cables.

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