Question by  StarGal (74)

What kinds of clothing would be typical in Italy today?

What kinds of clothing reflect the culture?


Answer by  snehathadani (6)

In Italy, well fitted jeans and a dressy top are in style. Long pants are prefered. Definitely a nice pair of shoes to go with your clothes is a must.


Answer by  ammu (5)

now-a-days, in italy they are all moved to the fashion particularly jeans, tops,mini skirt,etc.obviously clothing plays important role in reflection of culture for example sarees in India.


Answer by  kittu (4)

There is no typical clothing in Italy that reflect culture, as Italy has different regional cultures. But a velvet clothing would be close to typical.


Answer by  eatwrite (1559)

Today's fashion has crossed over the borders of countries. Italy fashion is no different from what you would see in France or the United States.

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