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Question by  bhavana (32)

What kind of worms get into tomatoes?

I found all kinds of worms in a tomato today.


Answer by  Anonymous

Sometimes tobacco worms will get on your tomato plants. They are about the size of your thumb in both diameter and length. They are green and have little "horns". Very ugly and can do major damage to tomato plants.


Answer by  Baobao (1273)

In my opinion,they are generally tiny white worms.Your case is very special and rare,I guess this may be the situation:first the tomato is not in a good condition and become rotted,then some flies come,later there is a hole in the tomato and worms appear.What you should do is to throw these tomatoes away.


Answer by  LeonMMA (496)

i don't know any case of "worm in tomato " but i think that are small worms ... between 0.5 inches and 3-4 inches ... a longer worm wouldn't fit into :))

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