Question by  lgh90 (16)

Is bacteria the only thing that can cause an infection?

Or can you get a viral infection?


Answer by  Stacia (91)

Many organisms can cause infection. Bacterial infections are the kind of infections that are treated with antibiotics. An example of a bacterial infection is pneumonia. Viral infections are not treated with antibiotics and must run their course. An example is a head cold. There are also fungal infections that must be treated with anti-fungals, such as yeast infections.


Answer by  HH (404)

Infection is defined as the presence of a pathogen within a host, usually but not exclusively of microbial origin. This would include bacteria, viruses and some type of fungi. There are also infection caused by protozoans (Malaria for example) and other parasites such as lower order worms, tapeworms and certain nematodes for example, mostly tropical diseases.


Answer by  Amanda65 (1220)

Bacteria is the most common thing to cause an infection. A fungus can also cause an infection. A virus does not cause an infection.

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