Question by  schwibb (35)

What kind of tradesman do you hire for fireplace construction?

We are adding a family room and want to include a stone fireplace.


Answer by  Lynlin1957 (87)

You need to find a stonemason who has experience with building fireplaces and chimneys. Preferably one who has done local jobs so that you can get references.


Answer by  macdeezy (55)

I would hire an independent contractor with experience in fire place and chimney construction. I would make sure he or she has the proper credentials.


Answer by  LeheckaG (1826)

Usually a master "stone-mason", specifically a "fixer-mason", would be the primary skilled-craftsperson for your stone-fireplace & chimney construction. You may also require a "master-carpenter" to cut/make openings for your fireplace & chimney and structurally-reinforce those-openings. A mason & carpenter could do the work themselves, but often will also use apprentices, journeymen, laborers to do some the the work.


Answer by  jennifergreennunez (35)

If you want a quality fireplace for the money you are going to have to pay out then you should be looking for a mason or carpenter. Make sure that you find someone with lots of experience and ask to see their finished work. Masons are masters at their craft and should have no problem building a simple fireplace.

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