Question by  greysquirrel (239)

Should I ask why I wasn't hired?

I just applied for a job and wasn't hired. Should I ask why they didn't hire me so I can learn from my mistakes?


Answer by  hefito (226)

You can, but you probably won't get an answer. Even if you do it probably won't be that constructive. Also remember, it's not just your quality. Hiring someone for a job has similarities as finding a mate that you're compatible with -- some of the assessment is based on intangibles.


Answer by  benicio (257)

I think you can ask; it typically doesn't hurt. But, I don't think you should expect an answer. I think many companies have been burned by answering honestly with the intent of helping the applicant. Unfortunately, while you might be open to constructive criticism, many are not, and a company might be better off not divulging.

Reply by apple (447):
As someone who formerly hired people, I concur. It's just not worth it from a business perspective. It's unfortunate, because I could have really helped people, but I got burned too many times by trying to be helpful. I wasn't rude with the feedback, but it wasn't all positive -- obviously, otherwise I'd have hired the person.  add a comment

Answer by  diva (168)

I don't think you should ask why you weren't hired. I don't believe they would be honest with you. Interviewers come to the table with preconceived notions about what kind of person they want and what that peron would look like. There is no way they would say something to that effect, so they would make something up.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

That is not very professional. If you are not hired just move on. Just try to do a better job at the next interview. You can also ask other people to give you a fake interview and ask them what you can improve on. Just remember harassing people is never ok. No matter what the reason.

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