Question by  Stephen47 (44)

What kind of shampoo can you use to get fleas off of a cat?

My cat has a very bad case of fleas.


Answer by  Louise09 (54)

When my cat had fleas I used Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and it worked great. Be sure to treat your home too so they won't return.


Answer by  ss (19)

Usually shampoo will not completely rid cat of fleas (and cats typically do not like baths). I suggest a topical or oral treatment that will rid cat of fleas.


Answer by  carol16 (12)

You can use Sergeant's flea shampoo. But in a pinch you can use Dawn liquid dish soap. The Dawn dish soap kills the fleas by clogging up their pores. When you are done with the Dawn you can then shampoo with normal cat shampoo.


Answer by  maber (1427)

Actually the best thing to use to kill fleas on dogs or cats is dawn dish detergeant. Just put the cat in the tub and use a small amount. The fleas will just jump off.


Answer by  Angela17 (697)

You can go to your nearest pet store and ask them what would be the best shampoo or you can use dawn dish soap. Advantage is a great item too.


Answer by  Fritz (608)

Dawn dishing washing soap is an excellent way to kill fleas on animals. Bathe them twice with Dawn and then apply a flea product like frontline.

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