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Question by  Jas (33)

Does advantage flea use the same ingredients for cats as they do dogs?

I accidently purchased advantage flea for cats and I have a dog.


Answer by  nana67 (24)

I know that advantage flea goes by weight. So the weight on the box for the cat needs to match the weight of your dog. Also, there is a number on the box that you can call and ask them if you can use the flea medication on your dog.


Answer by  girlsnotgrey (36)

Advantage Flea Protection for dogs and for cats both use the active ingredient imidacloprid. The dosage for cats under 9 pounds is the same as for dogs under 10 pounds.


Answer by  deakinslens (13)

You may use Advantage flea control for dogs, on cats. However, dosage is based on an animals size/weight. Appropriate and careful dosage adjustments must be made accordingly.


Answer by  TinaMorrison (84)

Yes they do but the difference being is that your dog is going to be alot bigger than an average cat. So you might have to use 2 if not 3 to have it work the way in would noramlly work when you use the dog treatment on your dog.


Answer by  Xayne (177)

Advantage Flea for dogs and cats are relatively different because one chemical that is okay to use on a dog, is not necessarily okay to use on a cat. Advantage Flea may have similar ingredients between the two type of flea treatment since it's the same brand, but not all the ingredients are the same.


Answer by  mamers (23)

Flees are flees. Your dog will still be protected even though the product says it is for cats. There is just a lower dosage of flee repelant for cats based on size. If your dog is large you may want to get a new colar.

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