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What is an average pilot's salary?

I mean how much do commercial pilots make?


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

Commercial pilots used to make a lot more in the past. Nowadays, they make about $50,000 after approximately five years. Their salary can increase up to $100,000 if they have lots of experience. You shouldn't discount the huge fringe benefits like virtually unlimited travel.

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I don\'t know where you got your numbers from, I make about 250K a year not including benefits.  add a comment
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At my airline, I am just about to top out at F/O pay, which will be about $45,000 (5 years). The most senior captains here make about $100,000, so you are pretty right on. Travel benefits are a joke these days. We pay $450 year for no guaranteed seat.  add a comment

Answer by  Suz (20)

The average salary for a commercial pilot is approximately US$80,000. Depending on the airline, type of airplane, pilot seniority and hours worked, the salary can be in the low $100,000's. Most airlines also pay benefits including but not limited to medical, retirement and vacation, which adds 20-30% to overall compensation.


Answer by  PilotCareer (14)

According to the Air Line Pilots Association, the avg yearly pay for: Major airline Capt- $182K Major airline copilot- $121K Regional Captain- $70K Regional copilot- $33K Pay varies by airline, tenure, aircraft, hours flown per year and capt/copilot status.


Answer by  Srfingfreak (697)

commercial pilots can make from 30,000 to 250,000 depending on scale of airplane they fly. Transatlantic pilots make the higher numbers, while puddle jumpers make the lower.

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Thanks for your insight.... window washers can make from $1 - $50,000, depending on the neighborhood they "work" in. Jerk.  add a comment

Answer by  baba24 (270)

It's said the average pilot gets between seventy and eighty thousand a year. The hourly rate is between forty and a hundrend and twenty five dollars which isn't bad. A career in flight instructing would probably be the best bet if you're in it for the money, they average around a hundred thousand a year.

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