Question by  TeacherSarah (34)

What kind of medicine can I take to help my oily skin?


Answer by  Isidro (624)

I wouldn't take any medicine I would just do some kind of treatments that would help. Or just try to call the doctor to have them prescribe something good for that problem. Many things can be treated just be asking you doctor and having them understand what is going on with yourself.


Answer by  jonathanboy (70)

Have you tried the cream products? it is much more affordable and at the same time, truly effective and easy to apply. Make sure that the cream product you will be going to buy was made to remove oil on your skin..


Answer by  razaqmoidey (51)

Ayurvadic treatment is good for oily skin. you should eat Butter and drink water more. Escape from direct sunlighting. Use sunshining creame for your skin.

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