Question by  marcos05215 (1)

What kind of insect is a yellow mosquito like flying insect with yellow body filled with black like ink?


Answer by  sweetheart19 (19)

Pacific northwest you can find yellow jackets which are very aggressive in nature. They build their nests in buildings, trees and shrubs,some bug is the sac spider which is not quite as common but is growing insects bite when provoked leave them alone they will leave you alone.


Answer by  ed51 (10)

My answer is a Honey Bee. Honey Bee's are colored yellow and black. It's body has color yellow while and having black stripes resembling black like ink.


Answer by  lostintexas (17)

I believe that the insect that you are referring to is a yellow jacket. Like a wasp, or bee. They are able to sting, so be careful.

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