Question by  s666666666666 (26)

What kind of suits do women wear in the business place?

Do we have to wear skirts?


Answer by  Adelle (277)

There are ways to get around the idea of a suit entirely. You can wear pants and a nice blouse for starters. You can invest in staple peices like black or gray slacks and heels and some modest blouses that don't have too low of a neckline. These are good alternatves if you would prefer to skip the suit entirely.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

No, there are business suits with pants that are made specifically for women. They are made with baggier fitting pants then mens suits are.


Answer by  Rosengurtle (147)

Women's professional work-wear has come a long way in the last few years. A businesswoman doesn't have to wear a skirt anymore. There are plenty of retailers who make classic style pant suits. A good person to look to for business suit inspiration would be Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who always wears very stylish suits.


Answer by  kakoe (989)

You do not have to wear skirts. A lot of stores such as Banana Republic sell stylish pantsuits that still have a feminine touch. Look there or at J.Crew.

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