Question by  bonetaylor (15)

What kind of discipline should I use on a six-year-old who won't listen?


Answer by  Driver (43)

A six-year-old most certainly know what is right or wrong. So if they do not listen, they chose not to do so. As a consequence I would use a time out of 6 minutes in a corner. After that the child has to explain why he had to stay there and why his actions where wrong.


Answer by  and1lpfan (356)

I would suggest simple things like sitting in the corner, taking away a favorite toy, taking away TV, no dessert, but also make sure you reward good behavior.


Answer by  MK92 (28)

A good old time out will almost always work. If this approach doesn't work, then I like to take away an activity or favorite toy that must be earned back.


Answer by  quada13 (139)

Every child is different and requires a somewhat different method of discipline for successful behavior. What is most important is consistency. Children of six respond well to lower, more direct, eye to eye explanation of actions ad consequences, (this sometimes is simply all they require, while others may need to lose toys, opportunities, or have a time out).

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