Question by  b87 (30)

What can I do about my alcoholic girlfriend who does not want to quit drinking?

She needs to stop drinking but she won't listen to me.


Answer by  malone (4817)

People who are involved with addicts are called "codependent" and believe they power over the addict. The fact is: you don't and never will. You have no power over anyone but yourself. Exercise your power, start attending AlAnon meetings and extract yourself from the pathology.


Answer by  PZ (1206)

Not matter how much you beg or argue, you can't make your girlfriend stop drinking until she's ready. All you can do is refuse to enable her drinking. Don't pay for her liquor, don't handle her responsibilities and don't be her alibi when she screws up because she was drunk.


Answer by  Cyn (408)

Generally there is not much you can do unless she is willing to quit. You can try and be supportive and take her to an AA meeting.


Answer by  Dan3686 (969)

Wow, this is a tough one. I have had battles with drinkers before. The best advice is to avoid having all alcoholic beverages in the house and try to have a few quiet nights in. The cravings will stop days 3/4 are the hardest.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

Sometimes the best thing you can do is let her realize you are not going to sit by and watch her destroy her life. That you love her and that you are going to stop responding to her and leave. She has to hit rock bottom -start pulling away now.


Answer by  benstac (1928)

Oftentimes, the person drinking doesn't think that they have a problem. Try telling her what she is like when she drinks, how she's hurting the people around her, and how she's missing her commitments. But, also be sure to let her know that you want to help her through this.


Answer by  Bella27 (33)

Break up with her. if she loves you so much and would do anything to be with you, tell her to stop drinking and or your done with her, i bet you don't want that in your relationship.


Answer by  hughie2004 (10)

I left my wife who had a major alcohol problem and she also did not want to stop. You should get out of the relationship and you will feel guilty you were not able to cure her ( I still do) but its for the best.its a hard decision.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

If your girlfriend is an alcoholic and does not want to quit, she probably will not, no matter what you say. The first step is accepting that she's an alcoholic.


Answer by  Bayarts (470)

The only person you can control is yourself. If you are having trouble with a loved one who is drinking, the best thing you can do for yourself is to attend alanon meetings.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You can't tell an addict to quit. They have have to choose to quit on their own. Offer her support if she decides to get help. If you can't handle it, leave the relationship or tell her that if she doesn't stop you're gone. I know you probably love her but you will be more heartbroken if she doesn't stop.


Answer by  Tamy (72)

Was working for me. I had a friend who drink to much and she did not remember what she say or do. I filmed her one time while was drunk and show her the movie after. She did not drink after. Was afraid. Anyway I will recommend to ask a professional help.


Answer by  SMS4415 (343)

Explain to her how she's hurting you by not listening to your requests. Tell her it is selfish for her to drink so much.


Answer by  John (9008)

It is impossible to convince an alcoholic to stop drinking is she is not ready. You need to decide whether or not you can live with her drinking, for it is not going to change any time soon. If you can't, then you have to break up with her.

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