Question by  namzurk (1)

Do I have a virus on my computer?

My computer had a virus but I took them off using Malwarebytes. Afterward, I transferred music I already had to my phone and after about an hour, my phone lost service. I can still listen to music and use Wi-Fi.


Answer by  pgranchi (40)

Malwarebytes is a good anti-malware and spyware removal software, it is unlikely that there is a connection between your virus/malware/spyware and your phone losing service. Nevertheless having a good antivirus and or spyware removal is indeed needed: check combofix and Spybot Search and Destroy (all free), more technical Hijackthis.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Computer viruses can't transfuse to a phone. They are designed for a pc's operating system. It could transfer to another pc if you copied infected files to it.


Answer by  nugzin2040 (48)

Download another antivirus program and see if it picks up any additional viruses. If not, then you are probably virus free. If you still have no service on your phone, you will want to bring it into wherever you bought it.

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