Question by  sue (17)

What kind of bugs that bite live in a sandbox?


Answer by  amberjusm (306)

Lots of bugs that live in sandboxes bite. This all depends on where you live. On the beach, people run into problems with a typical nuisance known as the "sand flea" while in some areas it could literally just be a flea, ant, or even a mosquito. There's really no way to tell unless you saw it.


Answer by  xazurianx (330)

There are several bugs that can bite and sting that might find a sandbox a good home. These can be spiders, various ants, and some beetles. Any bug living around a sandbox will at some point or another find it's way inside of it. Sift and clean the sand regularly to prevent infestation.


Answer by  GreenTema (223)

Sandfleas live in sandboxes, and they can cause lots of different kinds of bites. Also, depending on where in the United States you are, there are fire ants, carpenter ants, bull ants, crazy ants and spiders. Spiders especially love the sand and many things for them to hide in that you kids leave in the sandbox.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Spiders and ants live in sandboxes. Also if your sandbox is set on a beach small crabs may bury themselves there. All of these will bite when bothered. Have an adult strain the sand and get the critters out of the sand. Always keep the sandbox covered so critters don't crawl in.

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