Question by  assenav (68)

Can bug bites cause swollen lymph nodes?

I recently got a lot of bug bites and now I have swollen lymph nodes.


Answer by  foxyd78 (92)

swollen lymph nodes are the sign that your body is fighting an infection. they are usually painful due to swelling so quickly. Also inflamatory conditions, an abcess, cancer, allergies and bug bites can cause them to be swollen. most are caused virally, but there are bacterial as well. see a physicians attention for proper diagnosis.

Reply by kittyyy (0):
does beetle bite scar go...?its n my neck region n got lymph node swelling....please help me out from this  add a comment

Answer by  TennG78 (254)

Bug bites can only cause swollen lymph nodes if the person that has been bitten is allergic to that particular bug or has a history of swollen lymph nodes. Once swelling has been detected, the person needs to consult a doctor as soon as possible so that treatment may begin to treat the swollen lymph node.


Answer by  Teri50 (29)

Swollen lymph nodes is a way your body is reacting to a foreign antibody. If the lymph nodes remain swollen much longer after bug bites are gone, seek medical attention.


Answer by  Deb48 (88)

This may happen if the bites caused you to scratch open areas on your skin, which then became infected. Infection or open areas will cause lymph nodes to swell and may need to be checked by a physician.


Answer by  StaceyM (39)

All types of infections can cause swollen lymph nodes. Have you been sick lately? It is possible that you insect bites are infected especially if they are itchy and you have been scratching them. If you are unsure of the cause of your swollen glands it is best that you see a doctor to get them checked out.


Answer by  Rathjinngmailcom (234)

Insect bites can cause an inflammatory response in a persons lymph nodes. Your body may be sensitive or allergic as well. However, historically swollen lympnodes are cause by your body fighting an internal infection.

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