Question by  HulaGirl (28)

What kind of needles does a Euro Pro 420 sewing machine take?

Do you have to use the Euro Pro brand?


Answer by  quiltingisfun (7)

The Euro Pro 420 uses standard sewing machine needles. These need not be the Euro Pro brand, as long as you use flat backed needles you should be fine. These can be purchased at most JoAnn Fabrics or Hancocks in the U.S. or found online at ebay or happy sewing!


Answer by  alma13 (32)

From my research I have found that every home sewing machine for the last 30-40 years has used the a universal system. They are known as, 130/750h, Singer 2022 or 15x1, also HAx1. Yes ,Singers needle will fit. However I personally feel that Lemmertz and Schetz, are a better brand.


Answer by  lookitskoti (43)

It does not need a Euro Pro needle it will take the standard needle sold at most stores and all craft stores.


Answer by  syeda (31)

it would take the needles which are actually made for this machine, using any other needle may damage the cloth to be stitched or will break off as started .

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