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Question by  hulmer (1067)

What it means when people sort their M&M's prior to eating them?

My boyfriend sorts his candy by color, is this a sign of anything?


Answer by  AClkwrkStarfish (47)

There is a good chance that its a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder. People with this disorder have to give in to their obsessions or they get very uncomfortable.


Answer by  Cassi (33)

I personally find it an interesting activity to sort my M&M's before I eat them. I don't think it means anything in particular. Perhaps he is a fan of organization!


Answer by  marriedlady (61)

It is doubtful that sorting his candy is a sign of anything. It sounds like it's just his own personal preference. Many people have rituals around food. For example, some like to eat one item at a time (not mix things like mashed potatos and corn). Let it go.

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