Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do you like eating raw fish?

at first it sort of grossed me out, but good sushi is really, really good, don't you think?


Answer by  4lizzieb (120)

I absolutely love raw fish. We often go out for sushi and do "our baby seal impersonation" by consuming copious amounts. I've even had tuna still warm, just carved out of the fish. Yummmmm!


Answer by  catman529 (809)

While I don't just dig into a raw fish, I absolutely love sushi rolls full of raw salmon or tuna. Few things are as good as a really good sushi roll.


Answer by  wwhisnant (38)

No, I do not like eating raw fish. I have tried it at various times at different restaurants and could not eat more than one bite. Once, while dieting, my mouth watered when I passed a Sushi restaurant. However, when I went in - starved from dieting and eager to eat - I still couldn't bring myself to eat raw fish.


Answer by  Anonymous

I'm seriously addicted to raw fish!! I have had sashimi 3 times this week alone! It has nothing to do with flavour, its all about the texture for me. The way it melts in my mouth... O..M..G! I hope I dont have a some sort of deficiency!


Answer by  tschebyshev (252)

i got started with raw fish by eating sushi rolls and those were great... once i got used to that, i graduated to those Nigiri-sushi (fish on rice balls). i like sushi so much now, that i go straight for the sashimi which is just pieces of raw fish.


Answer by  spidersong (27)

The idea of eating raw fish definitely scared me too. My parents had raised me to believe that anything uncooked was carrying salmonella. So I had to take things slow and start with sushi rolls with a lot of rice. The slight taste of the fish was actually good. From there I worked my way up to larger pieces.


Answer by  steffie (42)

I do not like to eat raw fish. I worry about food poisoning from Sushi. I do not like most cooked fish anyways unless it does not taste fishy. I do not like even being around people that are eating Sushi, because of the smell and looks of it.

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