Question by  writersblock (11)

How do you care for a lobster prior to cooking it?

I got some life lobster from the seafood market yesterday and am going to cook it tomorrow, how do I care for it in the mean time.


Answer by  man52 (43)

Normally lobsters are aggressive and doesnt relate to the tank mate. so, it is better to keep it in standard aquarium, also it is better to keep cleaning the aquarium once or twice in a month. Also can allow some fishes and watch closely whether they are in friendly mood or not to relocate them.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Since it was grown in sea water, it maynot survive for a long time. Even if you collect sea water and try to keep the lobster in salt water, its survival is doubtful. According to me, keep it in the freezer after it loses its life and cook it whenever you need it.


Answer by  zenithzenish (98)

First cut the lobster prior and put it into panel pore oil with onion, mustard, coriander leaf now try to fry it put some salt and pepper now its ready.

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