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Question by  shaneysteiner54 (12)

What should I know about ADD?

Is it an emotional disorder?


Answer by  Rajesh (329)

Like other children with disabilities, the child will repeatedly dirupt the class and complete the assignments but deliberatly be troublesome students with ADD are helped best when the teacher understands the student makes some modification to the instructionalprogram. Teachers work as part of a team that includes administrators, special educators, school psychologists, healthcare professionals and the parents.


Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

ADD is not a mood disorder. The easy way to explain it is your brain functions differently. Certain parts of the brain develope slower than normal, and it can be a little harder to focus. With time and work you may not need meds to help with the symptoms of it.


Answer by  cheryllichak (26)

First I need to know exactly what ADD stands for. Then I should know in what age group most cases of ADD occurs. I should also know the signs of the onset ADD.What should I look for. And what steps I need to take care of it. What kind of doctors treat it? What are the treatment protocols.


Answer by  worker76 (773)

it's not a primary emotional disorder BUT BUT BUT it can and will cause emotional instability. There are degfinitely mood swings and emotional wavering. this can be monitored and stabalized through medications. I dont recommend meds to control ADD. They are addictive and very bad for you in the long run. Try cognitive therapy first.


Answer by  lynn (821)

ADD is not an emotional disorder but can cause maturity levels to be lower than other childre of the same age. My 13 year old has the maturity of about a 9 year old. ADD causes a lack of concentration and short attention span so you must constantly be reminding the one with it what they need to do.

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