Question by  Dbthompson (28)

What is the value of a Kathe Kruse 1940's doll?

I need to know what my Kathe Kruse doll is worth.


Answer by  audiocupcakes (346)

According to a few searches I conducted on Google I found some sites which had the doll for sale for around $50 depending on condition.

posted by Anonymous
I have seen Kathe Kruse doll 1 go for thousands of dollars. Earlier than the 1940's but still very valuable. I would love tofind the sites where they are $50. Not that lucky I guess.  add a comment

Answer by  Teaj (47)

The value of a Kathe Kruse doll from the 1940s varies based on the doll's condition, whether or not it is all original and whether there have been any repairs or restoration made to the doll.


Answer by  raja86 (86)

There are many factors that determine value such as condition and type of doll, whether or not it has the original clothing. You might want to take it to a doll appraiser or look online at Ebay or other doll auction sites.

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