Question by  ra (25)

How much is a 1985 Cabbage Patch doll worth?

I have an old doll, and it is in really good condition.


Answer by  dart96 (23)

If you have the box and birth certificate then you can get between $40 and $100. Otherwise it is only $6 to $20 for the doll by itself, with or without clothes.


Answer by  diane41 (309)

I have sold several 1980's cabbage patch dolls on Ebay. Depending on the condition, head style, hair color and eye color the prices vary from anywhere from around $5. 00 to well into the $100 dollar price range. I have sold dolls from $5. 00 to $25. 00. I would reccommend researching on Ebay prior to listing.


Answer by  Kari (48)

The value, of course, depends upon the quality of your doll. Also, check out e-bay. There is an online Cabbage Patch Dolls Collector Club which may provide some enlightenment.


Answer by  Ryan66 (27)

A search of recently completed listings on eBay shows that near mint Cabbage Patch dolls from 1985 sold for an average price of $16.


Answer by  Anonymous

Believe it or not, Ebay is not the price reference Bible for all collectibles in the known universe. Many sites on Ebay are seeded by buyers for use as a ridiculously low price reference. Don't be fooled. Always search out 2 or 3 price sources other than Ebay.

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