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Question by  Sarah90 (12)

What is the proper care for a China doll plant?

I need to know how to care for my China doll plant.


Answer by  worker81 (194)

Keep your China Doll plant in very bright natural light for 6+ hours but not direct, piercing sunlight. Heated rooms and green houses are an excellent place for these plants. They like watering every 3 days or more depending on your individual plant. Pot should have adequate drainage to prevent against root rot, a very nasty root disease.


Answer by  flowerlady (241)

China Doll plants like very bright shade and some morning or late afternoon sun. They like to be grown in a rich potting soil and kept slightly moist. China Dolls do well outside during warm weather if kept out of the hot sun, but water them more often if they are put outside. They make nice pretty patio plants!


Answer by  dwammer (710)

The China doll plant is grown with a chemical to stunt the growth and wears off when the plant grows allowing the legs to become longer and lanky. To prune, simply cut to height and cut back on watering until the new growth starts to appear. Water about 3 times a week.


Answer by  Suikerbuikje (28)

A China Doll plant needs to be placed somewhere where there is lots of light but no direct sun. You also need to keep it away from draft.


Answer by  jacqui (202)

Your plant needs to be kept in a bright place out of direct sunlight and protected from the cold. Regular watering, and pruning when it gets straggly


Answer by  Jalaine11 (2043)

Your China doll plant needs very bright light. It is best to keep your plants soil moist. Once a month you should fertilize your plant.


Answer by  typist (63)

Give your China Doll a sunny location, plant food once a month, and do not over-water. Let the soil dry out slightly between watering intervals.

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