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Question by  Buggyboy (33)

What is the treatment for a hot tub cough?

I have a hot tub cough.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

The hot tub cough may be due to large intake of ozone gas from an ozanator. First make sure that you are not exposed to any such devices and gasses. Then it is much better to consult a physician and get a suitable cough syrup. As the cough will be severe, it is not advisory to take self treatment.


Answer by  Learner (350)

Stop the use of the hot tub as improper maintenance of hot tub may be the reason for the hot tub cough. Check the water pH level and the water should be regularly cleaned and changed. Corticosteroids might be advised by medical professionals.


Answer by  JodiJ (312)

Hot tub cough is a result of bacterial infection from under-maintained spas and hot tubs. The treatment is to avoid getting into the hot tub until well, thoroughly cleaning the hot tub, including changing out the water and filters and in severe cases, treating the patient with antibiotics and steroids.


Answer by  stiners (221)

First, drain your hot tub, disinfect it, and stay away until you have healed. You may need to be placed on steroids or antibiotics. Many clear up within 10 months.

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